Friday, January 29, 2010

Capacitive Battery Desulphator Circuit!!

Several month ago, I promised to post the Capacitive Battery Desulphator Circuit to my viewers as soon as possible...
For some random reason, I don't know why, I've been smashed with tons of work to do...
My email inbox been flooded with request from many my viewers, including Myspace too (Musicallman)... Lol!!

I take some time today to draw the circuit, but, I don't know what software is best for the purpose.
So, please forgive me for the crappy schematic...


Now I need your help. Can any of you, suggest a good software for me to draw the schematics?
I prefer freeware, if possible...

I will wait for ya!!

Update 1st Jan 2013: 
Somehow I lost the circuit and too lazy to redraw it. What it does is charged two capacitor in parallel, and discharge it in series back into the battery. Intended to force high current to the battery.

It's actually a solid-state "The Ron Cole One-Battery Switch".
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