Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Homemade Blade-less Fan

Hi y'all!
Recently, in my tiny lab, I've been playing with HV stuffs. Lots of fun!
As the byproduct, I just built something which can provide tiny thrust. I don't know what to call it.
It could be an air ionizer, ozone generator, particle accelerator, lifter, or a blade-less fan.
I choose 'blade-less fan' as the title cause it sounds more catchy... Lol!!

Here's the vid:

As I increase the duty cycle, the HV output goes up. Thus, providing more thrust.
But, if I crank it up higher, the HV sparks is all over the place.
The fan performance is limited to the HV leaks.
It's still a primitive experiment though. 
For the next design, I'm planning to use more emitter and better HV insulation.

As usual, tell me what y'all opinion! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, I have found a very easy to use, if rather old, drafting program called Grafix that I think would be perfect for your need in preparing schematics. Most (if not all) electrical symbols are build into the program. If you cannot find it online in free download sites, feel free to contact me at and I will provide it to you. (p.s. Fix that leak, you aint Tesla)

Afdhal Atiff Tan said...

Thanks for the comment, Richard...
I really appreciate it.
I tried look Grafix in Google, but, had no luck...
Yeah, I will fix those leaks... Lol!

Anonymous said...

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