Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Latest Fan Design - It's Bladeless!!

Several days ago, I'm researching so hard on energy efficient fan. Then, I accidently bump into this vid:

Well, it does impress me... I mean, look at its design, its so simple and very 'modern' looking fan.
He claim that the air sucked-in being amplified by x15 times through Venturi and Bernoulli principles...

I'm interested to have one, but, it seems like it's too overpriced... The cheapest is about $300 dollars.
To me, air-cond is much cheaper than the fan.

Since that's the case, it looks like I have to 'homebrew' it... Hehehe...
Here's my first plan:

See?? It's bladeless too!!
So, as usual, tell me what ya think!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Very First Plasma Speaker!!

Hi y'all!!
Just wanna share my barely working plasma speaker...
It's based on the simple 555 astable circuit...
I really mean it!! The circuit is so damn simple to build...

Here's the vid:

Currently, the speaker volume is so slow... I'm still finding the cause of it...
But, the sound quality is so good, crystal clear!!

Tell me what ya think!!