Sunday, May 5, 2013

Final Touch-Up

On 22nd April 2013, Sudirman do some final touch-up on the bike, getting ready for presentation...
The picture will speaks for itself...

This is him, working on wiring placement.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Facing with EMI/RFI Problems

Exactly on 25th April 2013 morning, I just noticed that the PIC MCU keeps restarting, each time the engine is running.

Being tinkering with it for hours, I tried various attempt, I tried multiple power supply filters to decouple any possible noise from alternator, didn't work, I tried to bypass the MCLR-pin, put it to high without pullup resistor, still failed, I tried separating voltage source, still happening.

Almost brought me to frustration, I tried to shorts out the output from ignition coil, and the restarting problem disappears!

Here's the oscilloscope shots:

This is the digital data before the engine running.

Mounting LCDs on stock Display Panel

23rd Feb 2013, Sudirman helped me to mount LCDs...

Planned position.

Damaged Fuel Level Float

On 27th March, Sudirman helped me to takeout the moped fuel level float for me to tinker with...

The fuel level float internal resistors.

On the next day, somehow, for some unexpected reason, due to severely crowded room, someone accidently damaged the float... :(

So, immediate fuel level can't be known, unless if manually peek at the fuel tank.

Finalizing the Control Unit

On 22nd April 2013, we rushed a bit to get our project done. In this particular post, it is the control unit. It control the system, by pressing the kill-switch, it can toggle the system between on or off, and it could put the engine into halt when pressed hold for more than 500ms.

Me, cutting perfboard, using dremel tool that Halim, my friend, gave to me... :)