Saturday, May 4, 2013

Finalizing the Control Unit

On 22nd April 2013, we rushed a bit to get our project done. In this particular post, it is the control unit. It control the system, by pressing the kill-switch, it can toggle the system between on or off, and it could put the engine into halt when pressed hold for more than 500ms.

Me, cutting perfboard, using dremel tool that Halim, my friend, gave to me... :)

General-Purpose PIC board built, with programming header. Crystal oscillator embedded inside to save space.

With the PIC installed, looks clean...

Soldering 'expansion board'...

Both of the boards coupled together via pin header, just like a Arduino with shield installed. :) 

The project postpone to the following day...

Me, still working the the board...

Making some addition to the expansion board.

Finished board.

Installed inside the moped's upper-left side of the leg-guard. 

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