Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spark Plug Side Gapping Mod

On 14th Nov 2012, Sudirman and I attempted to try the famous spark plug mod, mostly inspired by this webpage, on our project bike.

Sudirman disassembling front fairing.

Complete removal of ground electrode.

The result is quite surprising. Improved performance, easier starting, better low-end torque and the most obvious. smoother idling.

Video might follow... To be continued. :)

Update: On 24th Jan 2013, we tried to improve our test procedure.

Initial state.

Making progress...

Getting closer.


Before modded.

Being modded.

Comparison between plugs. Notice there's more exposed spark area.

Installing and ready for test run.

Result: Somehow, after numerous test done, it's confirmed, that our previous result was a placebo. The engine suffers at both low and high-end curve. Main suspect is the increased spark gap distance. Need to redo this experiment.

Update:  In 25th Jan 2013, being unsatisfied with previous result, we decided to make a better test rig, this time, with proper test procedure than before.

Three spark plugs and a feeler gauge on a Dremel like tool case.

Stock spark gap was about 0.5mm.

Using cutting tool to trim the ground electrode.

Result: Sadly, the test needs to be postponed, due to insufficient time and resources... Video still unedited. 

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Anonymous said...

Side gapping you need to keep the ground electrofe and not remove it completely! Just trim it to the side of the centre electrode, maintaining the 0.5mm gap