Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fume Extractor

Hey, long time no see! Lol! Yeah, I've been busy lately, living my life, as a human. Anyway, let's see whaatssuup!

So, apparently, I need some sort of a simple fume extractor for my everyday soldering task, buying one would break a bank, so, I DIY'd it.

This is a common car air filter, with AC fan on it.




The subjected fan.

Eyeball'd for center, then glue it.

Seal any visible leaks. Oops, I just noticed the flow direction is wrong. Lol!

Make sure the air flow is right. :)

View from an angle, no visible leak.

Same here...

Hey, it works! :D

Unfortunately, it failed to do its task of extracting fume. The filter clogged bad enough to render it useless. Sigh...  

BTW, Happy New Year!

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