Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reviving Old Speaker Amp

About five years ago, I'm using my PC as signal generator, and this speaker amp to drive a transistor, which is then driving an ignition coil. I'm using only the left-channel at that time.

While having fun, for maybe about 3 months, boring with just 12V supply, I tried 24V. It ran for few minutes, then, ..., silence... I blew my amp! Feeling guilty, I decided to stop play with it for a while.

Listening music with only my right ear for quite some time, I decided to play with it again.
And yes, now the both of the channels are burnt!

With some few limited spare time, I try to revive it back.

Long time no see...

Opening the back cover.

Here's the circuit board.

Close-up on blown amp IC.

New TDA2030A. :)

Unscrew the heatsink.



Poor IC.

Unscrewing them.

End up in my junk bin.

Old thermal paste, need to be clean...

Using methanol.

Wiping it off.

Applying fresh paste.

Kids, don't do the same mistake as I do here.
Don't fasten the screw with powered screw driver!

Now, that's better.

Soldering it back.

Reconnect any connectors left.

Reinstall the back plate.

Hey, it's alive!

Me and my dad bought those IC for about  MYR3 each. New speaker amplifier costs almost MYR100. That's a huge saving!



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