Thursday, February 14, 2013

Probing Electrical Signals on the Bike

On 5th Feb 2013, we planned to probe some signals on the project bike, for some reason, both of us, Sudirman and I are busy with other academical assignments, so, we had to postpone our progress.

However, albeit with very limited time, we managed to find the bike's CDI inside its gut.

Front view.

Back view.

Side view.

I even found appropriate diagram from the net on the CDI. Here it is:

Image courtesy of

On 14th Feb 2013, Sudirman helped me to disassemble the bike again....

He's working on it.

All disassembled plastics.

While I'm supposed to only take some electrical signals on o'scope on that day, but hey, why not just fix the brake tail light when you can? :)

The LEDs are trolling...

Back view.

When you have a thousand of LEDs, why not change it all? :)

Now, we're all happy...

 Before proceeding probing those signals, I decided to lean out the AFR a little bit...

Here's the piston-valve with needle-valve removed.

Probing with engine idling.

At low RPM. Yellow trace is the reluctance sensor output, blue ones is alternator output.

At high RPM.

Here's a video for better detail.

Here's the CDI output signal.

After every desired signal probed, I thought, lets make our project a bit more complex with the addition of Gear-Position-Indicator (GPI)! ;)

Signal tapped directly at the connector.

Nothing fancy, it's just a 5-switch controlled LEDs.

Thanks to these two sites for the encouragement:

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