Saturday, March 12, 2011

Experimental Ferrite-Cored Ignition Coils

This is my first attempt of 'playing' with ferrite-cored ignition coil.
My initial intention is to improve the coil's responds to CDI output. According to my experience, iron-cored coil adds too much latency. Here's my attempt to 'fix' it...

Here's where I get my ferrite core, the infamous flyback transformer!

Here's the air-cored inductance. About 0.4mH.
Previous iron core shown left.

Unmodified stock ignition coil, about 7mH.

Side-by-side comparison between iron-core and ferrite-core.

Comparison of both stock and modded coils.

Ferrite-cored reading, about 8.4mH.

As obviously can be seen, swapping the iron-core to ferrite-core increases the inductance.
The performance haven't practically tested yet. 


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