Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Latest Fan Design - It's Bladeless!!

Several days ago, I'm researching so hard on energy efficient fan. Then, I accidently bump into this vid:

Well, it does impress me... I mean, look at its design, its so simple and very 'modern' looking fan.
He claim that the air sucked-in being amplified by x15 times through Venturi and Bernoulli principles...

I'm interested to have one, but, it seems like it's too overpriced... The cheapest is about $300 dollars.
To me, air-cond is much cheaper than the fan.

Since that's the case, it looks like I have to 'homebrew' it... Hehehe...
Here's my first plan:

See?? It's bladeless too!!
So, as usual, tell me what ya think!!

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